We truly live in the golden age of television. Your parents and your grandparents would have had no clue what a box set was let alone why anyone would want to binge their merry way through one of them in a Sunday morning surrounded by Maltesers and last night’s pizza boxes. This generation are spoiled when it comes to television and in many ways it has pushed cinema out of the limelight.

Moviegoers are inundated with reboots, remakes and repackagings and forced to say thank you for spending the £20 (£30 if you would like a drink and some popcorn) to watch it. Where as television has become daring! Shows like Breaking Bad, The Wire, Game of Thrones and The Sopranos make television something incredible again. It’s a medium where writers can take their time to develop characters and plots over extended periods of time and it is what make us love or loathe a character so much. Think of it this way, if Thrones was a two hour film they wouldn’t be able to make you hate Joffrey anywhere nears us much as they did in the series and sweet baby Santa we hated us some Joffrey!

It’s not all about the drama though, shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Parks and Recreation, Peep Show and Flight of the Conchords are keeping us sane in an otherwise dark world of drugstore chemistry teachers and heavy handed motorcycle gangs. What a time to be alive!

These characters, plots, developments and nuances are what makes cinemas ugly step child so amazing and that is exactly what we want to celebrate with our Television T Shirts. It’s the little things you may have overlooked or the tiny little nods that only a true 100% die hard fan would understand or even notice in the first place. We make T Shirts that will make other box set bingers stop you in the street to say “Where in the name of Rick Sanchez C-137 did you get that shirt!” And you will be able to look them in the eye, smile and say I got this T Shirt from Pop Nonsense because they folks are just as geeky as I am dagnabbit! And we’re not just saying that because we want you to buy something (we are just saying that because we want you to buy something) we also love us some television!

We are obsessed with the little things and Easter eggs. We love crossovers and parodies. We love it when shows reference other shows and poke fun at each other. We get all heat up over inside jokes. We love the whole lot and that’s why here at Pop Nonsense we are sure you will find something you will absolutely adore.

Into The Wire? Then what about a Cutty’s Gym T shirt? Into Breaking Bad? Then what about an Heisenberg Lager T Shirt, the next best thing to Schraderbrau of course. Into Lost? Then what about a T Shirt with 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 emblazoned actors it. You know that they numbers are lucky right!

If you are looking for something a bit different to the norm then you have come to the right place. Have a look through what we have in stock and if we don’t have it, then feel free to drop us a line to see if we can get it made. We love talking to fellow fans.

The short answer is lovingly. The long answer is that our T Shirts are made using all the latest DTG technology. DTG is just fancy speak for Direct to Garment. A Direct to Garment printer does exactly what it says on the tin, it prints directly into the T Shirt. It’s like the end of game boss battle of screen printing. The highly opaque inks soak directly into the T Shirt which means you will have a really bright and vibrant print that will look that way for a long, long time. As you can imagine all our T Shirts are made to order so we can only accept returns if your T Shirt is anyway faulty. As in there is a massive hole right in the middle of it. It doesn’t mean that we’re bad people, all it means is that when you order a T Shirt it gets lovingly made especially for you. That’s why we have an extensive size guide on all our pages so you can double check that your order is the right size as we cannot accept returns because it was made it just for you. If you want to double check any of this have a little look at our Terms and Conditions page and that will give you all the information you will ever need. Also if you want to find out how to care for your T Shirt the have a look at our Care Instruction page. Feel free to drop us a line if there is anything you want to ask us, deep down we are really nice people even though we don’t look like it sometimes.

We upload new designs every week if not every day. Not only that but we write articles, lists and make videos all the time. Our sites all about the latest goings on in the world of pop culture so don’t be surprised if you find some new designs based on the latest shows as well as some throw backs to classic series and episodes through the ages. There is a great community of fellow enthusiasts built around Pop Nonsense so get involved in our social media arguments (sorry, debates) and let us know what you think about the world of television, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Look. We’re going to level with you. We don’t tell people this much but in all honesty…we are obsessed. Totally obsessed. Unhealthily obsessed with Television. To the point we’re we can quite honestly say we have watched “I’m Alan Partridge” from beginning to end at least one hundred and twenty eight times. Spiceworld! We could probably talk you start to finish through every episode of The Office (UK and US) without breaking a sweat and we’ve watched Breaking Bad four times all the way through and it’s not an obsession we are proud of but it’s true. So all those little things are our main source of inspiration. Like the name of the pet shop in the Monty Python “Dead Parrot Sketch” is “Similar Pet Shops Limited.” That’s the one in Bolton not Ipswitch. The first thing that pops into our heads when we see that is “I’d wear that on a T Shirt.” Therefore we make it. Well we don’t make it. That would be ludicrous. We pass it on to our designers and they do all the manual labour. We’re too busy catching up on all this telly!

They really are a great bunch. The fact of the matter is you can’t be great at everything. It isn’t fair but it’s true. Our Pop Nonsense team is second to none. We’re all great at what we do whether it’s researching blogs, making videos or making designs but as great as we are as a team we all have our own special talents. Everyone on our team come up with ideas for different shirts and assorted merchandise and send it over to our design team and that is where these folks really shine. The take that crude sketch on the reverse side of a post it note and make it into something you would be proud to wear on your chest. They take all those rambling emails and turn them into an actual design and not just the scrawlings of a man ten minutes too late for lunch time. They are remarkable and play a huge part in our organisation. Our designers are all crazy mad geeks too. They live for television, cinema, games, comics and  the whole kit and kaboodle. As great as our team is we are always on the lookout for other designers so if you have ideas and designs of your own then don’t hesitate to click on our “Contact Us” page and send us some of your work. We’ll be back in touch if it floats our boats.