Care Guide

Caring for Your T Shirt

If you want to keep your collection of Pop Nonsense T Shirts looking their best we recommend you follow these simple instructions when washing and drying your T Shirt.

Turn your T Shirt inside out before washing that way the print won’t be subject to abrasions from other pieces of clothing in your wash load. Also avoid adding things like bricks, pets, wellington boots and empty beer bottles in the machine at the same time.

Please do not confuse this icon with a turntable. Drying your clothes has nothing to with vinyl. If you have ran out of clothes pegs and need to sue your tumble drier for your T Shirt then make sure you do so at a low setting. This way you won’t risk turning your XXL Unisex T Shirt into a Boob Tube.

Dont iron on top of your printed design. Turn your T Shirt inside out before ironing. Alternatively lift up your mattress before you go to sleep at night and lay your T Shirt flat on the on the exposed bed and carefully put your mattress down on top of it. Dream some lovely dreams and when you wake up your T Shirt will be nice and flat.

Do not dry clean your T Shirt because that would be ludicrous! Do not loan out any of your T Shirts to Wolverine, Storm, Gambit, Nightcrawler or any other of those pesky X Men!


Most importantly love your T Shirt. Care for it the same way you would a child or a mint condition Boba Fett action figure still in its original packaging and your T Shirt will look amazing for longer!